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What's new from the Google Apps
training  department?
We’re always busy creating new videos, user guides, and other resources to help support your Google Apps deployment. Find our latest creations below!
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04-Nov-14 Gmail Android app design changes [pdf]: Walk through of the new Gmail Android app features and user experience.
04-Nov-14 Material Design for Google Apps [pdf]: Overview of Google's new material design principles and how they apply to Google Apps products.
13-May-13 New interactive tour of Drive and Docs. Users can click through this new Flash tour for a quick introduction to Google Drive and its interface. See more Drive resources at the Google Apps Learning Center.
07-May-13 New online training for users: Users can complete this Google Apps self-paced training course for a comprehensive introduction to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive. Visit the Google Apps Learning Center for more training resources.
25-April-13 Video for admins: New Admin console. Google begins rolling out a new Admin console for managing Google Apps, Chrome devices, and other Enterprise products and services. The new console is customizable and easier to use. See also the rollout schedule and updates.
04-Feb-13 Video for users: Gmail search. Shows quick ways to look for messages from certain people or with specific properties, just like sorting by sender, subject, or date in other mail programs. See more Gmail resources at the Google Apps Learning Center.
18-Dec-12 New change management guide for Enterprise organizations. See the Going Google guide for concepts, steps, and best practices for helping users transition to Google Apps. Includes case studies, quotes from other customers who have "gone Google," checklists, templates, and more.
30-Oct-12 New video, user guide, and FAQ for helping users transition to Gmail's new compose experience. See more Gmail resources at the Google Apps Learning Center.
13-Aug-12 New inspirational We're Going Google video featured at the Apps Learning Center template. Help users understand why you're switching to Google, and get them excited about the switch!
20-July-12 Get the Google Apps product icons.
26-Jan-12 New and improved Apps Learning Center template! Features a revised learning path, easier customization, and content that can auto-update!
25-Jan-12 New end-user Quick Start guide: Share and collaborate on docs. Visit the Google Apps Learning Center for more training resources.
06-Dec-11 Updated versions of Life After Microsoft Outlook and Life After Lotus Notes.
Features the New Look of Google Apps! Visit the Google Apps Learning Center for more training resources.
16-Nov-11 New Google Apps Technical Transition Guide to help you plan your move to Google Apps. (Replaces the Google Apps Pilot Guide.) 
10-Nov-11 Updated Google Calendar interactive overview. Interaction uses the new Google Calendar look and includes some of the new features.
02-Nov-11 New Look of Google Apps (user training materials)
Docs, videos, and slideshow presentations at the Google Apps Learning Center teaching users about the new look of Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Sites. Visit the Google Apps Learning Center for more training resources.