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About release tracks
Google Apps release process for users

Google Apps is 100% web, so you and your users receive new features and updates automatically, without needing to install or update any software. However, you can still control when new features become available for users.

Track all upcoming user releases on the Release Calendar »

Choose from two release tracks
Scheduled Release Track

(Recommended and selected for your domain by default) Choose this track to delay releasing new features to users, giving you extra time to train your support staff and prepare users for the coming changes. Google releases features to the Scheduled Release track on Tuesdays only, at least one week after the feature was released to the Rapid Release track. Choose this track now

Rapid Release Track

Choose this track if you want users to access new features as soon as Google rolls them out to consumer users. These features have been through testing and quality assurance, but users will see them at the same time you do, before you have a chance to evaluate them for your organization. Choose this track now

Important: If you switch from the Rapid Release to Scheduled track, your users will lose access to features currently on the Rapid Release track. Make sure you first check the release calendar for current Rapid Release features.

Disclaimer: This page describes the "Google Apps release process," which applies only Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides), and Sites. No other services or labs are included. Google makes every effort to follow this process but does not guarantee it can or will do so at all times. Google also reserves the right to change the release process at any time.
Google releases most features to both the Rapid and Scheduled release tracks in multiple languages.

How it works

1 Google releases a new Gmail feature to the Rapid Release track and consumer users on a Wednesday. If you selected the Rapid Release track, your users can access the feature now.
2 On the next Tuesday, Google evaluates the feature and determines that it's ready for release to Google Apps customers. That day, Google posts the feature on the release calendar.
3 On the following Tuesday (one week later), Google releases the Gmail feature to users on the Scheduled Release track. If you selected this track, your users can now use the feature. 

Example only:

Google announces Rapid and Scheduled releases on its
color-coded release calendar and in update feeds.