New Gmail compose experience Update 
March 28, 2013. Gmail's new compose window is now starting to become the default for many users. See below for our latest news, rollout schedule, and resources for launching the new experience in your organization.
Resources for your users

Gmail's new compose window has been available for several months now, and many users have already been enjoying its faster and simpler compose experience.  Here are some resources to help you and your users quickly make the switch.

User learning center Here, users will find an overview of the new compose features, a switch guide, a video overview, and an FAQ.
Switch guide This guide is included on the learning center, and you can also make a copy to customize for your organization.
YouTube | Download
An overview of the new Gmail compose and reply features, and instructions for opting in and out. This video is included on the learning center.
Email template Make a company announcement about the new Gmail compose and reply features with this customizable email.

Release schedule

After many upgrades and enhancements, we're now ready to make the new window the default experience for users, as follows:

  • New compose window becomes the default experience for:

    Rapid Release customers: March 28
    Scheduled Release customers: April 16

  • After these dates, users can optionally switch back to the old compose experience.
  • Users can continue to use  the old interface until we make the changes permanent.

Learn more about the new features and how they've been developing over the past few months in this Gmail blog post.