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Setup instructions

Set up release tracks for users

You can choose which release track you want to use to introduce new Google Apps features (such as a new Gmail feature) to your users: the Rapid Release track or the Scheduled Release track. For most Google Apps customers, we recommend the Scheduled Release track. Learn more about release tracks

Here's how to choose your release track:

1 Important: Review the Release Calendar to see which features are currently on the Rapid Release track.

If you're switching to the Scheduled Release track, your users will no longer have access to these features until the features are later launched to the Scheduled Release track. If you're switching to the Rapid Release track, your users will now have access to these features.

2 Sign in to the Admin console at
3 Click Company Profile > Profile

4 In the New User Features section, select Scheduled Release or Rapid Release.

5 Click Save changes

Note: It may take up to a day for the change to take effect.